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Support Score™Enhance Your Caregiving Experience

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Support Score:

Older adults want the chance to retain a greater degree of independence in any living situation.
Support Score™ provides families and caregivers with the information to make decisions
with a higher degree of confidence and greater peace of mind.

  • Caregivers

  • Support Score allows you to balance your caregiving efforts.  Life is easier when you know where to focus.
  • Family

  • Peace of mind for families.  Know that your loved one is getting the appropriate level of attention each day.
  • Older Adults

  • Continue to live your life as you have been.  You retain your lifestyle and strengthen your independence.

In Community

Versatile enough to go community-wide or to assist with a specific resident within your community or outside your walls.

At Home

As families contemplate transition, Support Score provides them with information to make decisions easier.

What keeps you up at night gets us out of bed every morning.

  • 42 Support Score™


What’s in a Support Score?

  • 6 Falls This Month
  • 7 Average Hours of Sleep
  • 5 Nighttime Bathroom Visits
  • 9 Average Hours Spent Socializing

QuietResponse uses a variety of sensors to determine activity levels and calculate the Support Score.

Daily activity patterns drive the Support Score.  A variety of sensors and resident activity data determine the individualized Support Score.


one number says it all

Unique Features

Technology should support caregivers in their mission

and make life easier and less complicated.

  • Support Score

  • One number that comprehensively captures the need for care and tells you immediately if that need is increasing or decreasing. (patent pending)
  • FDL™

  • Fall Detection by Logic™ gives automatic nighttime fall detection coverage.  It ensures compliance without the need for wearing a device at night. (patent pending)
  • Event Insight

  • Get the facts on relevant events.  Be proactive and help avoid future events.  Engage others with an interest in the older adult with confidence. (patent pending)

In our hearts and by measuring via benchmarks, we knew we were great caregivers. We’ve gotten even better and now we have a number that proves it.

- Ron Marston, Southern Manor Living Centers -



Support Score is cloud-based and can assess the needs of a variety of situations. It’s a comprehensive analytics solution for senior living.


Works with existing infrastructure, enhances it, and presents the data in a way never before seen in the industry.


Software packages are tiered based on number of community units and features.

Lifestyle Stability

Support Score adapts to resident lifestyle and enables enhanced continuum management.

Good intentions + Good information

= Better Care

Analytics in Action