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QuietResponse™ with Support Score™Enhance Your Experience

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Support Score:

Remote monitoring offers older adults the chance to retain a greater degree of independence in any living situation.
QuietResponse™ with Support Score™ provides families and caregivers with the information to make decisions
with a higher degree of confidence and greater peace of mind.

  • Caregivers

  • QuietResponse with Support Score allows you to balance your caregiving efforts.  Life is easier when you know where to focus.
  • Family

  • QuietResponse gives your family peace of mind. You know that your loved one is getting the appropriate level of attention each day.
  • Older Adults

  • With QuietResponse, you continue to live your life as you have been.  You retain your lifestyle and strengthen your independence.

In Community

QuietResponse is a solution versatile enough to go community-wide or to assist with a specific resident within your community or outside your walls.

At Home

As families contemplate transition, QuietResponse provides them with information to make decisions easier. As a distributor, you remain in the conversation with them as they make choices

What keeps you up at night gets us out of bed every morning.

  • 42 Support Score™


What’s in a Support Score?

  • 6 Falls This Month
  • 7 Average Hours of Sleep
  • 5 Nighttime Bathroom Visits
  • 9 Average Hours Spent Socializing

QuietResponse uses a variety of sensors to determine activity levels and calculate the Support Score.

Daily activity patterns drive the Support Score.  QuietResponse uses a variety of sensors to determine activity levels and calculate the Support Score.


one number says it all

Unique Features

Technology should support caregivers in their mission

and make life easier and less complicated.

  • Support Score

  • One number that comprehensively captures the need for care and tells you immediately if that need is increasing or decreasing. (patent pending)
  • FDL™

  • Fall Detection by Logic™ gives automatic nighttime fall detection coverage.  It ensures compliance without the need for wearing a device at night. (patent pending)
  • Event Insight

  • Get the facts on relevant events.  Be proactive and help avoid future events.  Engage others with an interest in the older adult with confidence. (patent pending)

In our hearts and by measuring via benchmarks, we knew we were great caregivers. With QuietResponse, we’ve gotten even better and now we have a number that proves it.

- Ron Marston, Southern Manor Living Centers -



Meets the needs of those living at home.  Comprehensive solutions for senior living.


Plug and play solutions for both home and in community. Through our partnership with Qualcomm™ no internet connection is required.


Peace of mind and 24×7 coverage for a fraction of the cost of a full time caregiver.

Lifestyle Stability

Passive technology adapts to their lifestyle while achieving 100% compliance. Residents live their lives as if nothing has changed.

Good intentions + Good information

= Better Care

Analytics in Action

  • 50 % of falls unreported to healthcare providers (CDC)


Is this magic? Because it sure sounds like it.
Magical, yes. But hardly magic. We use our patent pending algorithms to create a score that captures many aspects of a person’s daily activities. That one number – our Support Score – synthesizes all those numbers into one.  Many different aspects of daily living factor into a SupportScore – time spent sleeping and socializing, nighttime visits to the toilet and calls for assistance are just some of the things that can affect the score.
Bet you can't get it at the corner store.
Um, no. Caregiving is a highly personal engagement. We have a select group of distributors and senior living providers that we work with. Contact us for information on where you can get QuietResponse.
How does this technology work exactly?
To quote the great Winston Churchill, “It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is . . . ” the fact that QuietResponse uses input from a variety of sensors in a residence (occupancy, bed, door sensors, etc.) to determine activity levels. The algorithm delivers a personalized Support Score for each resident and uses comparative analytics to determine any changes. Contact us for further conversations – we’d love to show you how it works.
Bet you don't give this away for free.
True. But we keep the pricing as low as we possibly can. Contact us for information about pricing for your community or how you can become a distributor.
Our senior living community already tracks falls, why do we need QuietResponse?
Great question. According to the CDC, the biggest indicator of falls is a previous fall. But the problem is (CDC again) that 50% of falls among older adults are not reported to their healthcare provider. We at Care Tech are committed to catching those “small falls” early and enhancing the care that providers give . . before a fall occurs.
We like what we see. How do we get a QuietResponse system?
Contact us using the form below and we’ll get the process started.
Do I have to connect this to the internet?
There is no internet service required. Part of keeping it simple means you don’t have to have an internet connection.
This has to be difficult to install.
Sorry. It’s pretty easy. Most installations take less than 15 minutes.
Why is your competition scared?
They’re shaking because our Support Score provides a way to make the very complex responsibility of caring for older adults simpler and easier.
Help! I need some support.
We’re here to help – either call us at 855.855.3665 or email us at info@caretechsys.com and we’ll get right to resolving any issues.

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