Support Score:

Remote monitoring offers older adults the chance to retain a greater degree of independence in any living situation.
QuietResponse™ with Support Score™ provides families and caregivers with the information to make decisions
with a higher degree of confidence and greater peace of mind.

  • Caregivers

  • QuietResponse with Support Score allows you to balance your caregiving efforts.  Life is easier when you know where to focus.
  • Family

  • QuietResponse gives your family peace of mind. You know that your loved one is getting the appropriate level of attention each day.
  • Older Adults

  • With QuietResponse, you continue to live your life as you have been.  You retain your lifestyle and strengthen your independence.

In Community

QuietResponse is a solution versatile enough to go community-wide or to assist with a specific resident within your community or outside your walls.

At Home

As families contemplate transition, QuietResponse provides them with information to make decisions easier. As a distributor, you remain in the conversation with them as they make choices

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